About Will & Helo

The Duo

Will and Héloïse met in 2002 at the National Circus School in Montreal, and graduated as a duo in 2005.

They aquired strong proffessional experience performing for 7 years around the world with the company “The 7 fingers” in the shows Traces (2006-2009) and Psy (2009-2012).

In January of 2012 they won the gold medal and the president’s prize at the festival “Cirque de Demain” for their work on the Chinese Pole, and decided to concentrate their full energy on their duo.

Will and Héloïse now pursue their work on Pole, Hand to Hand, and the fusion of the two disciples. They strive to create original work that represents them as people, and touches the audience on a personal level.

Heloise Bourgeois

Héloïse was introduced to acrobatics at the age of five. For the following fifteen years, she excelled in equestrian vaulting, trampoline and dance. After getting a University diploma in science, her dreams of travelling led her into the world of circus.

Her curiousity for physicality led her to explore diverse circus disciplines. Hand to hand and Chinese pole are her main passions, but she also developped interest in arials, acrobatics and hand balancing.

Over the years of travel and performances, Héloïse’s experiences led her to create a touching universe on the frontier of danse, theater and contemperary circus.

Will Underwood

Will was born and raised in San Francisco California. He began training Chinese acrobatics when he was 8 years old with master trainer Mr. Lu Yi. Over the years, his love for training and performing grew. His passion for Circus eventually led him to Montreal, where he continued his training and broadened his knowledge and perception of circus at the “National Circus School” and touring with “The 7 FIngers”.

Will now performs with various companies, cabarets, and festivals worldwide.
He is especially inspired to expand his limits as a performer, collaborate with new people, broaden his knowledge and experience in theater and music, and share it on the stage.